So did you ever have to take a shit soo bad at a party? Well after drinkin Black Label and Iron City all day, and you get to a party, one of which you have no clue who’s party it is, you get this urge in your stomach and have to let one loose. Well that’s when I headed for the bathroom. Ahh shit there’s too many people in line. And now it starts to creep. Well finally it’s my turn. I ran in so fast I looked like Green Lighting! My friend Jeremy ”Worm” all ways told me to to do a little trick and shit in the top part of the toilete at a party. Well I wanted to, but just couldn’t do it. So I sat down and began to (OK here’s where it gets graphic) spray my mud all over the porcelain god. Ok now this is bad news right here. I almost puked over the own smell that I had made. Now that’s bad news eh? Well I finish the process of taking my dumb( you know the wiping part) I pulls up my pant and reach for the handle. Clink clink clink. Ahh shit. I hear knocks at the door. ”Hurry UP!” “Hold on,” I yell. Fuck the toilette is clogged from my over abundance of feces floating around. I begin to laugh my ass off. I open the door the kid goes “it’s about time” yeah whatever dood. “I told him, as the funk of the air kept seeping out, “yeah, I almost fell in” and continued to laugh my ass off. Well now I garb my friends and say we gots get the hell outta there. I told them the story and they laughed and we went on partying. The Moral of the story is… It’s fun to drink and take shits in others bathrooms of whom you don’t know and clog the toilette. It’s fun. I know I’m a sick bastard.