Hello and welcome to the Anti-Social Webapage. If you've been here before, you might have noticed that i changed the design of the page around. I finally learned how to do frames now, so now it looks 10 times better than it did before.

After a long decision i decided to stick with Anti-Social. I was going to bid it farwell, but i decided to keep it alive and going. Hopefully I will have more of a staff now. I'm always looking for people to do columns and some music reviews. So if anyone is interested in that, then please feel free to help me out in any way. I'll hook you up with some goods.

The main resaon why i decided to stick with anti-social, and not let it die out, is because i got an over abundance of letters from people wanting my zine. And its all about the kids yo! So for the sake of the kids i decided to keep it real!

Right now is the only time that i could get to update this page. Because with school kicking my ass, beer ripping my ass, work sucking my ass, it's hard for me to get anytime any more. So i hope that you enjoy this. I have added new features and some new schtuff, so enjoy


warning:just to let you know, of you are using aol or dont have a 15" monitor, this page will probably look shitty.Also this page may contain some material unsuitable for young children. So fuck you!


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