The latest news from Anti-Social is that I have decided to keep Anti-Social alive. For awhile now I had recent;y thought of leaving Anti-Social. Well I'm not. I'm also doing a zine called And What Not.. you can check out that zine in the links page.

Well since i decided to stay with Anti-Social, I took it upon myself to give this page a new facelift. So i hope you like it. Its quite a change from the old page. But anywho...

Well the most recent news is Issue #4. This wil probably be out sometime in the  month of march. But that's if i get issue #2 of And What Not.. complelted on time. That, and if school is still not kicking my ass. For more info on what Issue#4 will be out, you can check it out on the issue #4 page.

As of late, issue #3 is still not out. It's a bit outdated, but i will re-release it as soon as i get the time to print it.

I am also looking for places to carry Anti-Social. So if you, or if you know anyone that would like to help me out, i would appreciate it very much. just contact me at: .

Last but not least: Anyone interested in trading Ads, please contact me and we can work something out. I trade ads for zines only. Bands or distros: i charge. but its a small fee.