As if right now these are the only pictures that i have scanned. I will be taking more pictures soon of my new friendsm and old, and i will get those up here. I also am going to rumaage through my pictures, for band pictures to put up as well. So look forward for some more wacked out pics of Anti-Social family, friends and bands.

Please note: I am currently the only mutha fucker doin this page and the damn zine at the time. So enjoy the perty lil' pictures..

Me. I'm a lamo            GONZALES! aka Chino aka Fozzie            Me and My grrl Jenny
This is Me.                      Chino. aka Gonzales            me and jenny
Me Skating. I made some altercations to the picture. it looks more artsy now            HAHAHA I SUCK            Bouha and Me
    Me skating                   Me skating again           Bouha(roommate) & Me
Me. What a Cheesy Smile eh?           Me and Johnny            Tercheck.
Me(again)(i'm dumb)       Me & John(roommate)            Tercheck
J to the E to the N to the N to the  Y            40 oz Time. Grab your Mickeys           This is George at the Queers Show back in '96
My womyn                         Scott,Spock, Me                   George

Becket & Friends at Speak In Tongues            Becket & Friends at Speak In Tongues
       Beckett                             Beckett