On this page you can find some various shit that i decided to throw in for the hell of it. This page will contain some stoopid shit i came up with. Also, there will be some articles from some of the zines. I'm only gonna put up a select few articles tho. The rest you can get in the zine itself. Mainly because this isn't a e-zine. its just a webpage to advertise my zine.

Remember the garbage pail kids? well i found a whole shitload of them while cleaning out my room. Here are just a few that i liked a lot.


Of course they have been modified by me to fit the name of my other zine. ohh well. i was having to much fun the other day.Click on them to enlarge them.

Also while i was cleaning my room, i cam across my old high school news papers. Me and Tim wrote many articles in them We were basically the entertainment writers. Here are just a few articles i salvaged from it. Note: these articles were from 5-6 years ago. Also click them to enlarge. I thought these were quite funny. For being like 5-6 years old.