On March 6,1998, we became Un-@nti-Soci@l. The night of the 6th started off by us have a  few kegs at my humble abode in Kent, Ohio. The nite began by early drinkin. Some dope smokin' and lots of fun. Well we tapped the first keg at approximately 7:47. Sittin' round drinkin with a few friends waiting for tons of people to come over. Finally about 9:00  comes around. I'm ripped off my mind. Not to mention the mixture of dope and alcohol together gives you a nice old feelin. Well the time is right. Tons of people. Everyone enjoying the good vibes and the music and of course. THE BEER! And now its time. The infamous George Roswell, Spookey Spock, Danny Greenday, and The Capt. Ryan Smith show up. Now the rockers are here!

Only two people left not accounted for. Chino and Dawn. Where are you? Well its about 10:00. The first keg is gone. At one point before it ran out, I swear I couldn't even see a thing. Not cuz I was drunk, but because there were soo many people there. So I decided to take myself to the back room and indulge in more dope smokin'. Well after hangin with the homies. Chino finally shows up.. But hey, we didn't tap the second keg yet So I decide its about time for me to collect money for more beer, cuz I know the second keg is gonna go fast. So I collects some money and kick it to Giant Eagle (White Trash Grocery Store).
I come back with 5 30 packs. By this time the beer is here. Its time to rip open the 40 of Magnum. Don't ask why I even drank it. I mean its not like we had another keg or anything. I guess I just like to indulge in the sweet tastes of Magnum MALT LIQUOR!

Well now’s the time where it get a little foggy for me. There are two people not here. Where are SCOTT and TED (nick)? Ahh shit there here. "TED! TED'S GOT THE NOSTICLES!" now yer prolly thinkin' what the fuck is that? Hey I have no clue either. That’s just the first thing that came to my mind. Then after wonderin' if the asshole security guards are gonna tow peoples cars, I wonder outside. Ahh shit they got Dawn's car up on the tow truck. So after a little sweet talkin' I got the guy to put the car down..But we had to pay a small fee to the guy. There's $35.00 down the drain. All in all people started to slowly move their asses out the door around 3:30 a.m or so. Now that’s when all the fun went down. Well if you wanna call it fun.. But all the damn closet door broke off the hinges. George tells me that Dawn broke the door. But she claims she saved my life cuz the door fell on me. I dunno what really went down. But fuck it. It’s all-good though. Well the night ended by me and dawn (whom I have had a relationship with before) smoking' more dope and hookin' up. But.... Now that brings us to the infamous KENT MORNINGS

Yep. Kent is always famous for the mornings in our neck of the woods. That’s what makes Kennedy parties the best. The next morning of all-natural giddiness and hungover-still drunk-sleepy dork modes.
That’s when the fun begins. Well yep we got up to the thunderous sound of Chino's rumbling ass. People thought he ran into the wall, but nope, he just ripped ass. So we wake up, grab a beer, turn on the music, and dance around like fools. Not soo much of the fooling around is all in the Kent Morning. Its all about the AKROPOLIS HOBOKEN (its really called the AKROPOLIS, but we dubbed it "punk rock")
Yes .. good old GREEK home cookin' breakfast. that’s what it’s all about. END OF ROUND ONE! (1:30p.m)

March 7, 1998 (2:30-ish)
So I gets home. Time for a bike ride to Spookey Spock's. I get to spock's house ready to go kickin it on our dyno's. Tyme to freestyle boyeeee. So we end up riding around. We come back to his house. its now about 4:00.Slavick is waiting in the house. We begin to get our drink on. we drink and watch the good old boob tube. A little bit of Totally Nude Aerobics, and then on to Empire Records (Dumb Ass Movie).

Scott shows up. More beer in drunk. Its all most time to ride over to see The Roswells and Sidecar. We get in Spock's car and hope it makes it there. We arrive at the place. There is nothing but teeny-boppin high school little "pun" rockers all over. God what a mess. Man these kids are fuckin idiotic. We walk in and no one stooped us to pay. So we journeyed on. We sat through George's little brother's band Fallen Again and they were pretty good. But the most disturbing part was all the wannabe skinhead kids dancing round acting like tough guys. Now theres a surprise eh? Skinheads acting like tough guys. So anyways..The Roswells took the stage. George sporting his new white shirt that had the sayin "TEDS GOT THE NOSTICLES" on it.. HAHAHA that was kick ass! And not to mention Greg and his kick ass outfit of a USA polyester sweat jacket on, velcro shoes with the velcro crossed in a X. ahaha and kick ass baseball pants on with tube socks up to his neck!(well not really but up to his knees) The played a kick ass set, and while me,spock,chino,dawn,scott,and slav couldn't stay any longer cuz there was much drinkin' to be done. Decided to kick it back to spock's pad. As we are on our way home it was official that I was to go purchase mucho amounts of beer. And that I did. After going into finast and purchasing 6 12 packs of OLYMPIA (the beer of CHOICE) and a 6 of HORNSBY'S CIDER. Now someone is bound to do something crazy when it comes to OLY. Well we began to drink more. And me and Spock had decided to get a little crazy and turn on the Casualties “This is for the Punx” and decided to destroy his room. Blasting the song and singin' as loud as possible. Spock's kicking everything in his room, i'm blasting things with the official punk rock bat, and shit is smashed.

Now its on.. George enters the party. decides to take a shower. decides not to put his clothes back on. he's runnin' round the house butt ass naked. and doesn't give a fuck! PUNK ROCK. By this tyme i'm break dancin' to The Promise Ring and George and Slav are runing around toilete papering the whole house. CRAZY FUX!
The time is now 2:00a.m Spock and i decide its time for a bike ride. back on the bikes for ride #2. As we ride along. Spock decides to cut me off and run me into the ground. I'm tumbling along the ground as he laughs and rides on. BASTARD! so i get back up and decide i gotta get hi back. wee i did just that. as we rode. i made him ride on some guys lawn. well a hedge was comin up. and i wouldn't let him over. Right through the bushes he went. Payback's a bitch ain't it. After all that, and then some it was 4:30a.m. Time to ride my bike 5 miles home. drunk as hell riding a bike is not an easy task. So i get about 3/4 of the way home when i see flashig lights behind me.. yep the FUZZ. JOHNNY LAW. Johnny One Time.. whatever ya wanna call 'em. well he rolls down the window and asks "How Old are you son?" a quick reply of 21. He says "Where ya going?"
Goin' Home"
“You been drinkin'?"
“Please step of your bike” (steppin off the bike) then he proceeds to make me do the ole line walking test. . Then a point to yer nose thing. then a alphabet backwords things. I can't even say them right when i'm sober let alone piss drunk. So then he says "Well at least you ain't drivin' a car." and tells me to get the hell otta there! A quick ride up the street, and a place to pass out called home!