This was my interpretation of Anti-Social when i started this website (about 2 years ago). Move on Down for what it is now

     Anti-Social is all about being yourself. And being Drunk! No for real. This isn't one of your typical "Punk" zines, or "Hardcore", or "Anything" zines. It is a zine for the hell of it. yes i might cover punk issues or hardcore issues. but wouldn't they all be the same? Cuz thats what its all about. The two scene are soo similar but yet so different. Most H/C kids hate the punk rock kids, because they think all the punk kids do is get drunk and fuck shit up. And the punk kids think that the H/C kids are just a bunch of tough guy kids who like to beat people up(well thats just the Victory Records hardline kids hahaha). Well their both wrong..We're here to do many of the same things. Take for instance the issue of racism. I think both scenes would like to fight this issue. And i think both scenes do it a lot a like. If we could just get together and fight it together.And there are many other issues, but i'm lazy and don't feel like writing about them right now. but the point is we all need to come together and stop being morons about who's "punk" and who's "hardcore" FUCK all that noise boys and grrls. Its time to wake up and smell the coffee.the end!


Anti-Social now. As in a year later. When i layed off the crack!

Anti-Social now, i consider a zine for the scene as well as a personal zine. Right now my main objective of this zine is to help out the scene. As well as put some personal things in as well. I think as a scene we need to have more of a communication factor going than anything. All i see in the scene today is "who's punker than who." Or who looks more punk or hardcore or whatever. Who gives a flying fuck. Be who you want to be. Dress how you want to dress. Those kids who say your not punk rock aren't very punk themselves. The whole thing behind punk rock is supporting one anohter, not outcasting anyone. The only people we need to reject from the scene is the people who are bad mouthing bands or the kids that ruin shows. So in point this zine is here merely to provide something more to the scene , and to provide you with a laugh or 2. HA HA!