Hey there kids, im Ryan Rejected. And my column is "I'm Fucking Metal!" The funny think is, i'm not metal at all. I wish i was. Metal rules! Did you ever party witha metal head? they rip bro! Anyways. this is my stinkin column. Here are just a few exerpts from previous zines. check 'em out and stay metal. and for the love of pete, go buy some SLAYER!

Part I. One thing I would like to comment on first is the subject of Hardcore? What is Hardcore? There is no definition of Hardcore. And I don’t think there is a definite limit to hardcore? What is Punk? Does anyone actually know? Can you really define something like this? What do you think of when someone says Hard-core? Well most people like to point out bands like Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, and other Victory Records bands. Well in my opinion, that’s not hardcore.
    The floor punching, tough guy crap pisses me off. Well I don’t really get into Victory bands, and I don’t see how anyone could when most of Victory’s bands are money hungry thieves, who could care less about anything. (I’m not saying all Victory bands are like this) But, that’s just my point of view. When I think of hard-core I think of a scene trying to make a change, whether it be zines, flyers, shows, etc.. I think of bands like Boy Sets Fire, MK Ultra, Jihad, Charles Bronson, etc..
    The point is, when I say I listen to hardcore most people assume (you know what happens when you assume don’t you?) that I’m all about bands like  Earth Crisis(“SMURF CRISIS”) (who beat people up who don’t like them) or  HATEBRRED (who steals people’s equipment, and deny the whole thing). My point is there is a different side to hardcore, and its all about something better than NYC. Hardcore is not just music. It's a way of life to make a change.

Part II. “I am satan hear me roar!” What? Uhh yeah! Well I really have had a lot on my mind lately. Like will I really be into all this tuff when I am older. I’m 21 now. But in 10 years, will I be doing what I am doing now? Writing a zine, going to shows, etc.? I actually had this thought when I came home for a weekend, and I was sitting talking to my mom. She asked me when I was really going to stop dressing in baggy clothes. When I will stop bleaching my hair, and when I will stop wearing the chains around my neck and wrists? Well I told her I really don’t know. And for the first time I really sat and explained why I listen to the music I do, and what it is all about. And what the scene represents. She actually was very interested in the whole thing. It was really weird. She then kind of got an idea why I listen to the music. Why I go to shows, and why I write this silly little zine. She was actually impressed.  This was interesting to me, because I then realized that people outside, like our parents, the scene don’t know what it’s all about. They think we’re a bunch of lunitics running around dressing like fools. Well that’s just it.  People don’t know what rerally goes on. What the music’s about. Have you actually sat and told your parents about the music? Do you even know what it’s all about.
  For example. I was in a local record store with George Roswell, when some kid was selling back some cd’s. and one of those cd’s was Naked Aggression.  Well we know the owner of the store pretty good. And George wanted to buy the cd from him. Well the kid says to us, man that cd is soo bad. They are the worst band. Well I had beg to differ and  said I liked it. Well the kid proceeds to say “well the music just really sux.” Well I listen to music for the message, and the style of music as well. But it’s the message in punk rock. It’s not just the way the music sounds. Well I told him that, and he just laughed.
  You see, that’s the point. Do you actually listen to the music for the music of for the message? But to get back to my point,  we need to get our message out to people outside the scene. We need to let people know what we are all about.  There are thousands if not million of people who know nothing about our scene, and what we do. And what our music is all about. Just think about that. And write me to tell me what you think we could do to make a change, and let people outside the scene know what we’re all about.
          Ryan Rejected

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